Dry, canned, organic foods

Worldwide expedition of dry foods

Who doesn’t like a good cup of tea in the morning? And a delicious slice of bread slathered with hazelnut paste? A jar or can of freshly harvested vegetables at dinner? Regular or organic? It’s absolutely vital to maintain the excellent quality of these goods (and their packaging!) on their journey from the farmer, packer or producer to the client. As your dedicated logistics partner, we provide all the high-level services to meet your requirements for transporting and forwarding dry and canned foods: nuts, herbs and spices, rice, cereals, canned vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, sauces…you name it. We ship it.

Fully certified regarding organic foods logistics

We’re completely up-to-date on the additional regulations that apply to (handling, logistics, forwarding, warehousing of...) organic products, too. Our warehouses are fully certified to unload, store, load, ship and otherwise handle any and every organic product.

Organic products are subjected to additional regulations. Our warehousing facilities have the certificates to handle all organic products.

Red Star expedits dry foods anywhere in the world