Chemicals, matter of experience + know-how

At Red Star Forwarding & Logistics, we totally grok the specific requirements of shipping chemicals. Your cargo must remain safe and secure every single step of the way. That requires instant clarity, supreme visibility and up-to-date information you can count on, plus maximum control of your processes and costs. 

Transporting chemicals is a passion for us. We love meeting and exceeding the challenge it poses. In our never-ending quest for ultimate perfection, we aspire to make our young company a new benchmark of excellence in the global logistics and transportation of complex and sensitive sectors such as the chemical industry.

HazMat management skills

Our company may be young, but our team has a proven track record of chemical excellence. Every staff member is experienced in HazMat management, with solid reputations, compliance histories and safety ratings within the chemical industry. Red Star Forwarding & Logistics has the sector expertise, the extensive global reach and the pedal-to-the-metal commitment to provide exceptional value as your thorough, responsive one-stop solution from plant to final destination.

Global expedition of fluid and dry chemicals, we love it!