Hazardous goods

Hazardous cargo can't come dangerous enough

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: for Red Star Forwarding & Logistics, the more complex the cargo, the more excited we get, the happier we are. Hazardous goods demand a fine nose for potential risks. We specialize in organizing the transport, transshipment and direct handling of:

  • explosives and fireworks for civil use - class 1
  • dangerous goods - class 2 to 9
  • toxic and flammable materials
  • gases and energetic materials
  • solid and liquid chemicals
  • HAZMAT consultancy
  • plastics.

Dedicated storage facilities in Port of Antwerp

We offer dedicated storage facilities in the port of Antwerp area for the chemical industry (solid and liquid chemicals), fireworks, distress signals, flares and other hazardous goods.

Dangerous goods expedition - a core activity of Red Star Forwarding