Explosives logistics

Why are we so good at forwarding dangerous cargo? Because we harness our enthusiasm and our combined century of experience to create a unique package for every shipment. Successfully transporting dangerous IMO 1 goods such as explosives, black powder, smokeless powder, mortars, grenades, propellant and ammunition from A to B requires in-depth planning and attention to detail - the kind of focus that’s only possible when you’re as passionate about your work as we are. Our one-of-a-kind assets ensure maximum success for our customers:

  • First-hand domestic intelligence and information
  • Fully IMDG-certified staff
  • Thorough knowledge of legislation, safety, regulations and documentation
  • A century of combined experience
  • A unique global network of dedicated subcontractors, agents and international logistics partners

Forwarding and handling this valuable defense cargo is our daily passion: 

  • Small arms ammunition
  • Medium arms ammunition
  • Mortars
  • Grenades
  • Missiles
  • Black powder
  • Smokeless powder
  • Propellant.

And, most important of all, a passion for military cargo and defense logistics that keeps us reading, learning, investigating and networking so that we stay on the cutting edge and always offer the most comprehensive set of services possible.