About us

Red Star Forwarding & Logistics was established in early 2012 by a team of passionate and experienced logistics and transport fanatics, who combine truckloads of expertise in highly specialized sectors and are fully certified to successfully ship even the most sensitive goods and freight around the globe. The driving force behind Red Star Forwarding is a dedicated group of entrepreneurs and shareholders, with a passion for value-added logistics, with the ambition to establish a true benchmark in the market of global expeditors.

Our commitment: maximum value, zero stress

Our slogan contains a bona fide promise: "Who will YOU entrust with your valuable cargo?" It reflects our commitment to go beyond our customers' expectations of what companies need from a global full-service logistics provider. We don’t just stamp a box and ship your stuff: we take excellent care of every part of the process, giving you total peace of mind so you can get back to doing what you’re good at: your core business.

Who will YOU entrust with your valuable cargo?

Our passion: challenging, complex cargo

We’re full of ambition and passionate about cargo. Nothing thrills us more than handling challenging, complex freight in the most responsible way. We live, breathe and sleep our work - and that’s why you won’t find anyone who’s better at getting your valuable cargo where you need it to be. We promise.

Our vision: set a new benchmark

Red Star Forwarding & Logistics intends to become the benchmark for excellence in full-service logistics in the most challenging industrial and trade sectors worldwide.

Our mission: global expertise that makes a local difference

We believe in thinking big globally and unlimited personalized customer care locally. Drawing on a rock-solid base of experience, expertise, passion, drive and a win-win mentality, we handle all the ins and outs of shipping literally anything literally anywhere on the planet. And we do it twenty-four, seven, three-sixty-five - never forgetting that back at the ranch, there’s someone waiting on the results. We understand how unique and important every single shipment is, and that makes a world of difference. For our customers of today and tomorrow.