Client support

Client support
We thrive on designing optimal logistics solutions. But what makes them optimal? When they meet and exceed what the customer wants. 

That means we’re not happy unless the client’s happy. And if the client’s happy, we’re on cloud nine. (We spend a lot of time on cloud nine.) Our definition of success begins, continues and ends with the customer.

We support our clients on three levels:

  • Personal - through our hands-on central control unit approach, we make senior logistics expertise directly available. No layers of bureaucracy or administrative constraints. Our senior expeditors are true project managers, anticipating, planning and controlling every facet, fully aware of their overall project responsibility. You won’t find better support anywhere on the planet.
  • Systems - from our brand-new, state-of-the-art CRM and ERP system through our logistics traffic management module to our advanced track & trace system, we provide cutting-edge customer service. Overview, insight and control are at the heart of our customer-oriented approach, all intended to take the load off your shoulders.
  • Services - we provide full-service door-to-door delivery that goes way beyond just shipping your stuff: licenses, legal arrangements, customs brokerage, damage control, insurance, you name it.