Customs brokerage

Sailing through customs without delay
It isn’t enough just to get your cargo from A to B - when it gets there, customs has to let it in. At Red Star Forwarding & Logistics, we work closely with you to classify and document your cargo so that it sails through customs without delay. We start before the beginning, with a proactive review of the paperwork at the purchase-order level to make sure your shipment is properly set up overseas. We double-check the EDMD (European Data Manifest Declaration) filed by the overseas shipper to guarantee your goods are delivered on time. During shipment and upon arrival, our senior expeditors are constantly in contact with Belgian customs and other governing bodies that exert control over your cargo to ensure rapid, no-hitch clearance.

Customs brokerage
Customs brokerage makes a very sweet blend with our international transport options: there’s a lot of synergy in controlling both the movement of the goods from their source and the procedures required for their entry into the European Community. We work proactively with our customers to avoid delays, fines and penalties - and if they are assessed, our veteran senior expeditors go to bat for our clients to minimize potential damage. 

Sharply priced bonding solutions
We also offer sharply priced solutions to our customers’ bonding requirements. Our expert staff advise you on how much you need and ensure that changes are instantly executed. In the event of a customs claim, Red Star will go to the mat for you to mitigate the situation. 

Our customs services in a nutshell:

  • Fiscal representation
  • Certificates of origin
  • Intervention in case of dispute
  • Physical inspection at quayside and in-warehouse
  • Complete import, export and transit documentation
  • Bonded warehousing