The Red Star advantage

From our first “hello” to the tiniest details of each complex shipment, we distill our experience and expertise into information our clients can truly use. When your company’s success depends on logistics, intact and timely product delivery is vital. We listen to what your company needs and how your processes work; then we dedicate our vast, expert resources - logistic and otherwise - to creating the ideal solution for your company.

You just want to ship your hazardous goods, strategic materials or sensitive cargo to its destination. Enter a confusing tangle of customs and tariffs, restrictions and mandates, international standards and local requirements. The legal and regulatory paperwork required to transport and properly document your cargo is enough to make your head spin - but after years of experience, we’ve got it down cold. Certificates of origin, third-party security, safety verification and certification, letters of credit, auditing and adherence - from the simplest cargo to the most strictly regulated, Red Star Forwarding & Logistics works with your organization to make the process a snap.

Our extensive network of expert agents and logistics partners covers the globe, so that we always have reliable, in-the-know local representation in even the remotest areas of the world.

The world is Red Star's play ground