Aerospace & Defense logistics

We have close and proven partnerships with carefully selected carriers and subcontractors who are experienced in handling highly sensitive goods. We take great care to comply with all special requirements, transit permissions and end-user stipulations. We have every permit and license required to handle goods in this sector:

  • Arms and weapon systems
  • Military supplies and support materials
  • Helicopters
  • Communication systems
  • Turrets
  • Non-lethal technology
  • Dual-use materials
  • IT & Communication systems
  • High sensitive hardware
  • Classified Defense equipment & technology

Food and drink, equipment, sanitation, medicines

Peacetime operations - not to mention “the war on terror” - present immense logistics challenges. Food and drink, equipment, sanitation, medicines: a substantial tonnage of goods precedes and follows the troops, enabling them to function well and stay fit and healthy. At Red Star Forwarding, we know how important the troops’ well-being is to achieving peace and stability, and we are just as passionate about the perfect delivery of this vital cargo as we are about dangerous goods.