Armored vehicles project management

Forwarding and expedition of armored vehicles from one country to another is a demanding task. It takes special expertise, as armored vehicles are difficult to manage and highly valuable. Our logistics services range from exceptional transport and oversize loads to air, sea, road and rail. At Red Star Forwarding, we have the complete “golden triangle” of experience, expertise and resources required to ship armored vehicles from and to any destination in the world. In addition we take care of assembly, under 24/7 C-TPAT surveillance, enabling cost-efficient logistics under maximum security conditions.  


Armored vehicle project - assembling a Husky

We do have the very specific expertise and resources required to organize and coordinate the assembly and transport of armored vehicles. The project below features a VMMD (Vehicle Mounted Mine Detector), also known as the Husky 2G, shipped to Antwerp in efficient parts, reducing cost of transportation substantially. The Husky was assembled under highest security conditions, under Red Star Forwarding supervision and management. So, of course, ready in time, delivered turn-key and in perfect condition.

Hereunder you see:

  • Handling and transport
  • Assembly in secure warehouse, under 24/7 surveillance
  • Provision of the necessary equipment for assembly
  • Shipping services to final destination