How we work

Our secret: Central Control Units
The secret to our success is how we organize ourselves: through efficient Central Control Units. Each of our senior specialists acts as an all-round project manager, supported by our director and his unrivaled expertise. This setup ensures that every project is handled in the most hands-on manner possible, so that we and you can instantly see where things stand at any moment in time. This model takes a blowtorch to bureaucracy, guaranteeing maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Our clients’ questions on progress or status never go unanswered - in fact, our clients don’t even have to wait for an answer. Our control units anticipate, manage, safeguard and maximize the timing, targets quality of every project aspect. 

Our every-finger-in-the-pie approach also means we can act instantly to protect our clients’ interests in the event of harm, loss or damage. Morning, noon or night, we’re fast, hands-on and fully committed.

We operate with 4 Central Control Units:

  1. Strategic & hazardous goods
  2. Perishables, deepfrozen and vulnerable foods
  3. Chemicals and dangerous cargo
  4. Heavy lift & project cargo

Every Central Control Unit functions as follows:

Hands-on project management model: central control units; fast and efficient